Saturday, April 26, 2008

Judgement Day is Upon Us

Alright, here we go. The 2008 NFL draft is mere hours away and it is almost time to find out if my Rams will do the right thing, and draft Glenn Dorsey, or do the wrong thing and draft Chris Long. Or, maybe they'll just be inanely stupid and do something like draft Darren Mcfadden or Matt Ryan.

I won't say anything else about who I want them to pick, I've talked enough about my feelings about Long and Dorsey. Of course, I was just joking about Mcffaden and Ryan (I hope !!!!). I'm just here to report what I've heard.

All my sources (,, seem to have the Rams leaning toward Dorsey but that Long is not out of the picture. This tells me one thing, Rams president of football operations John Shaw has been reading my blog. I would like to say to Mr. Shaw, thank you for coming to my site and taking my advice, I just wish you'd done it sooner and the Trung Canidate tradgedy could have been avoided.

Alright, I'm back in reality. At this point it is just a wait and see game to see who they will take but I will say this one final time because it just wouldn't be this blog if I didn't. St Louis Rams, please do not draft Chris Long.

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