Saturday, April 26, 2008


They just couldn't listen to me. If you haven't heard, with the second overall pick in the 2008 NFL Draft the St Louis Rams selected Chris Long of Virginia. Anyone who read this blog or who has just read the title of this entry knows that I was against this pick. I wanted Glenn Dorsey but there is nothing anyone can do about that now.

The amazing thing to me is, the Rams had two picks today and Chris Long was by far the best. I don't just mean skill wise, obiviously a the second overall pick is going to be better than the second pick of the second round but the Rams used their no. 34 in a way that just baffles me.

They picked Donnie Avery out of Houston. One word came to mind when I heard this pick, "who!" There is no doubt that the Rams needed a wide receiver, the release of the great Isaac Bruce settled that but ESPN's analysis of the Avery pick says everything that needs to be said.

"This is a substantial reach in our opinion," said ESPN's analysis.

The analysis goes on to talk about how undersized Avery is and how he is not comfortable going over the middle. I just don't understand what Shaw and his cronies were thinking.

Now, back to Long. I've given him a lot of crap in the last couple of months but I do really hope he works out. There is no question he has talent, I just hope it is enought to survive in the pros. So, I suppose I will end this entry with a different ending than my previous entries. Good luck to Chris Long.

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