Thursday, February 21, 2008

Linehan Narrows it Down to Four

A recent column in the St Louis Post-Dispatch stated that there are four final candidates for the second overall pick that the Ram's have in this years NFL draft. Two of the four are Chris Long and Glenn Dorsey, if you look two blogs back you can see my opinions on them. The other two are running back Darren Mcfadden and tackle Jake Long out of Michigan.

If they take Mcfadden then there is no other term to use for Shaw and crew other than "insane." Mcfadden is an amazing talent and he is well worth the number two pick in the draft but, I just don't know what the Rams need with two amazing talents who are well worth the number two draft pick at the running back position.

As for Jake Long, I would not be crushed if they took him but as any regular readers know, he is not my first choice. They really could use help on the o-line. Orlando Pace can't seem to stay healthy anymore and there aren't really any other stand out talents. Barron is still young and he may or may not work out.

And before I go, as always, please don't draft Chris Long

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